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Header: The IGS Process

The IGS Process

  • The Innovation and Growth Strategy was launched by Lord Drayson in June 2009. The process was facilitated by the creation of a joint Government, Industry and Academia Space Innovation and Growth Team, a unique and respected brand within government. The Space IGT, comprised of members from across the spectrum of the UK space sector, embarked on a 6-month consultation process and compiled the findings into the final Space IGS
  • Main foundation: Workgroup streams- a wide range of stakeholders in the UK Space industry fed through developed reports for the IGT across five key areas; Markets, Capabilities, Delivering Public Policy, Skills and Awareness and Finance. These groups were administered by a central PMO team
  • Outside of the core-consultation the IGT gathered evidence from across the sector through a number of dialogues. The IGS process was supported through a number of Space community forums, including an Academic conference at the RAL, Harwell, and SME seminars
  • The Space IGT was guided throughout by the Executive Steering Board, comprised of senior representatives from the Space sector, and headed by IGT-chair Andy Green
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